System Requirements

To play any Breakthrough Gaming video game, you will need a compatible device. If you have a home computer, smartphone, tablet, or game console, you have a compatible device to play!

When purchasing Breakthrough Gaming games, there are three different versions available. The Browser Access Version, the Downloadable Version, and the CD-ROM Version. Each version has its own compatibility.

Browser Access Version
This version of the game is compatible with your home computer (any operating system), smartphone, tablet, or game console. The game is played through your web browser on that device. You will need an active internet connection whenever you want to play the game.

Performance and compatibility varies between devices and web browsers. Before purchasing a Browser Access Version of the game you want, play the game's Browser Access Version demo on each game's site using your preferred device to confirm that you are satisfied with the game's performance. Try different web browsers to see which one works best for you! Check out all the games here!

Downloadable Version
This version of the game can be downloaded to your home computer or tablet. You then run the game whenever you want to play. You will need an active internet connection to validate your game each time you play.

This version of the game is compatible if your home computer or tablet is running the Windows operating system from Microsoft. The games are compatible from the Windows 98 version to the newest Windows operating system.

You computer or tablet should also have these minimum requirements:
500 Mhz Intel Celeron Processor or greater
Approximately 100 MB or less for storage
DirectX 8 or above
Joystick or game controller (optional)

CD-ROM Version
This version of the game has the same requirements as the Downloadable Version. The only difference is that the game comes on a CD-ROM in retail packaging. You will need a CD-ROM drive on your home computer or tablet to access the game.

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